No African Man Can Afford My Bills Even Just For A Week.

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Musician Akothee is not afraid to speak her mind out. Something that has earned her royal following among millions of kenyans.

Speaking her mind normally, means that she will say what comes to her mind. Your feelings be damned. Today morning, the mother of 5 shared something interesting on her instastories about the caliber of the men who can date her.

While posting pictures of her humongous Migori mansion.The sweet love singer stated that no man in kenya could afford her.

She wrote"No African Man Can Afford My Bills Even for a whole week, an kama were iko, sema."

And she might be right.Last year Forbes revealed that the 'Abebo' Hit maker,the singer was recognised as the 15th reachest musician in Africa person with a net worth of $10 million (Ksh 1,136,000 000)

Her wealth can be seen in the numerous homes she is not only owns in Kenya but other parts of the world; including Switzerland and France.

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