Bribery and corruption impacts on economy


How can someone commits unforgivable crimes (humongous slanders and corruption) against the nation and run away with their misdemeanors?

Even on a tiny manner, corruption is dangerous, and just the suspicion of it slanders reputation. 

we should rather let our business liquidates or lose money than involved in 'bribery and corruption' .

How serious are we as a nation when we partially apprehend some perpetrators like stealers of goat, cassava and plantain but liberate the perpetrators of some politicians who embezzle the nation's money.

We are all equal, therefore we should take note,we all must be treated equally before the law.

To me, Ghana’s 1992 Constitution has to be revised and the unsuitable clauses and irrational such as the obligatory clauses are erased and throw out to the dust bin consiquently.

Sometimes doing wrong can seem right. For instance, when you give money to someone as a token purposely for the person to do something infavour of you,like what we witnessed recently, that, some aspirants of npp gave money to delegates purposely for votes during their primaries' election.

Sometimes small invalid payments would prevent a project falling behind catalog, it may seem harmless to pay up. Never be tempted to do so.

Be very cautious when giving or receiving gifts or entertainment. (See "Gifts and Hospitality")

No matter what "local custom" is, all forms of bribery and corruption, and even a tiny facilitation payment, should be abrogated.

I will like to throw brief explanation about bribery and corruption

Bribery - means giving or receiving an unfair reward to change someone's mind. One common form of bribery is a "clandestine payments" - secret payment for improper purpose ( favourable treatment). Both are corrupt.

Corruption on other hand is any illegal or improper thought that seeks to gain privilege through illegality. Examples,bribery, abuse of power, extortion, fraud, deception, collusion, cartels, embezzlement and money laundering are all forms of corruption.

brief about facilitation payments

Facilitation Payments - are sums of money paid to officials to speed up their actions.

That's why they are sometimes referred to as "grease" or "speed" payments. Whatever the local custom, Our Code forbids facilitation payments to be made anywhere in the world. We make no distinction between them and bribes, no matter how small the amount.

By ending, I hope and pray that the Office of the Prosecutor will go mild investigation to fish out and prosecute the meddlesome conspiratorial plotters in the Airbus corruption scandal.

Please share, to save our nation.