Twene Jonas Versus Kwaku Chainz Who Is More Creative In His Presentation. Let's Know What You Think.


Social media has evolved into a platform for the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Many people have become well-known thanks to social media, particularly Facebook. Others are taking use of the platform to defraud the trusting public.

There are many people in Ghana who are making a great effect on Facebook. Twene Jonas and Kwaku Chainz are two examples. Kwaku Chainz is well-known for his amusing videos. He compares two videos from different countries and a video from Ghana the majority of the time. His presentation may be lighthearted, but the young man is quietly discussing how Ghana's system is broken.

His videos are stress-relieving, and they make people laugh and smile.

Twene Jonas, on the other hand, is known for publicly criticizing African politicians, particularly those in Ghana, for failing to make the system function. On all social media sites, including YouTube, the glass nkoaa celebrity has amassed a large following.

The question is who is more innovative in their Facebook presentations, Twene Jonas or Kwaku Chainz.