3 Common Bedroom Habits That Irritates Most Women

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There are some bedroom behaviors that some men can manifest subconsciously. These people do not see anything strange or wrong in their behavior. However, the woman they are with may not like their attitude. As a man, it is appropriate not to engage in the behaviors listed below.

1. Bragging about your performance level before action: Most men are to blame for this behavior. Unfortunately, for these men, some women have fallen victim to the high expectations they have of a man. If men don't keep their promises, women have to accept that all the men who brag about their game in the room are not sincere. It pissed them off.

Also, some women don't like to brag. For them this is a complete rejection, because such people may have serious weaknesses in themselves.

2. Repeatedly questions about your body, : Nobody is perfect, everyone has one or two flaws. If you want to point out every little flaw in a woman's body, you will most likely overlook it. After all, he may see you as unemployed and unrelated.

The reality is that women go through a lot; Pregnancy, childbirth and associated symptoms. Therefore, it is not fair to body shame or criticize a woman for her body.

3. Repeatedly comparing their performance with others: Comparisons put unnecessary pressure on people to act in certain ways, allowing people to compensate for being like other people.

In the bedroom, women are not fans of men comparing their looks to women whose videos they may have seen or the tops they had in their previous relationships. This action slightly reduces their confidence and abilities.

Intimacy is meant to be enjoyed between both partners and not a time for comparison, complaint or too much talk. Do the right thing and compliment your partners faults, this builds up their confidence and make intimacy memorable and not regrettable.

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