25th Nations Address: what Ghanaians are expecting from 25th national address


25th Nations Address: Good News To All Ghanaians 

The presence of the Covid has make the president restless, the president have been refreshing the country on measures taken against the spread of the infection since the episode of the illness began in China. This would be the 25th time the president is tending to the country on Coronavirus issues, we as a whole ability the sickness has expanded inside a brief timeframe of which has placed dread in individuals. 

Researchers and specialists have attempted their conceivable best to annihilate the lethal infection on the planet with the information they have, luckily they have had the option to build up an antibody of which when infused would shield the body from enduring Covid. 

The heads of the nation has set a model for Ghanaians to follow, on Tuesday second March, the president, his bad habit, individuals from parliament and other state individuals openly took their order to urge other to take an interest in the immunization interaction. 

The accompanying Issues might be tended to by the president 

1. Coronavirus Vaccination In Schools: After Ghana got free Coronavirus antibodies from India, there have been dissemination of the immunization to everywhere on the nation of which individuals from bunch one and two of the president's rundown have effectively begun taking their antibodies. The president may report the date for the Coronavirus in our different schools since the spread of the infection expanding with more than 200 understudies testing positive. 

2. No Closure Of Schools And Lockdown: The spread of the infection entered the schools and the was talk that the president will be shutting down all schools. Presently the immunizations are to given to understudies, I don't think there would be conclusion of schools any longer. The schooling priest assign Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum has effectively clarified that there would be no conclusion of schools since great measures have been putten set up to ensure the existences of the kids. 

The president made it clear in one of his countries address that, he would force lockdown in the country if the cases on Coronavirus keeps expanding and that was the point at which the Coronavirus antibodies haven't show up in Ghana, the president could force no Lockdown on the country since the Coronavirus Vaccines are not in to be given to the residents. 

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