Citizen TV Set To Host ODM's Edwin Sifuna, Senator Cleophas Malala And Kalonzo Musyoka's Ally


ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna has been claiming that the party will be more powerful in the coming general election. He has been claiming that the party is working on joining together with other coalitions and when time comes, they will unveil their plan to the whole nation.

Today, Edwin Sifuna will be hosted by Citizen TV. That will make the people get more information about ODM party and party leader Raila Odinga. In the studio, Edwin Sifuna will meet his NASA friends Cleophas Malala and Kalonzo Musyoka's ally Robert Mbui.

"It once shot for the political equivalent of space. But NASA is today reeling from squabbles and divisions. Is the NASA mission over? ODM's @edwinsifuna ANC's@Cleophasmalala & Wiper's @MbuiRobert are LIVE on #Newsnight w/@WaihigaMwaura." Tweeted Citizen TV.

Stay tuned as you watch the show which is anticipated to be a great show by many. With NASA facing it's death, those leaders may end up clashing terribly as they both try to popularize their parties.


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