All In The Name Of Testing A Brassiere? See What A Male Trader & A Lady Were Doing In Public (VIDEO)

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Ladies who purchase old brassieres on the street normally try them on to see if they are the right size. Some women are aware of their exact size and do not test it outside. Some street vendors who sell used clothing have a little area where consumers can try on their garments, but it appears that this male trader does not.

Watching the video carefully, a lady who purchased a brassiere from a male second-hand clothes seller went half-naked to try it on. The lady was seen wearing only underwear without any top shirt. Meaning her breast was completely naked when she was about to test the brassiere. According to the person who posted this video on social media, this video was captured in Abaka Lapaz, Accra Ghana.

The lady was heard saying this to the male second-hand cloth seller, "Put the hook on the first one. Why? Haven't you put on a woman brassiere before?". You can clearly see that the man was shivering in anxiety when putting on the hook of the brassiere. The man was heard saying, "Did you say I should put it on the first one?". At this point, the second-hand clothes seller seems to be confused about what the lady is doing.

Most social media users after coming across this video said that this is really strange. How can a beautiful lady put the man in trouble all in the name of testing for the correct size of a brassiere? Others said that some ladies these days have no shame in exposing their private parts in public.


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