Meet Kenya's Massai Tribe Where The Bride's Father Spits On Her Head And Breast On Her Marriage Day

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Although the ultimate result of marriage may be the same for all married couples regardless of their tribe, language, religion, nationality, or other variations, marriage rites and customs varies from one region to another. Surprisingly, no matter how odd certain people's marital practices may appear to outsiders, they are passed down from generation to generation. The Massai tribe in Kenya, East Africa, is one of the groups who have a unique style of commemorating their marriage ceremony.

The Massai people of Kenya have a custom that is carried out on the bride by her father on the day she is to officially marry her would-be husband, according to information provided by cultural tour in a report that showed some unique wedding traditions of cultures around the world. Before her lover can finally leave her after the marriage ceremony, the lady's father must spit saliva on her head and breasts, according to tradition.

(People of Kenya.) (Image courtesy of Google)

This symbolic spitting "ritual" is performed by the father of any bride-to-be because it is thought that by doing so, good luck and fortune will surround the young wife in her new house.

(A typical Kenyan wedding dress.) The groom and the bride, from left to right. (Image courtesy of Google)

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