Kplc, Safaricom Dominance A Threat To The Economy[Opinion]


Yesterday Kenyans were a furious lot after being unable to buy KPLC tokens for the better part of the day. I was a victim and to be honest it was very unpleasant.

A majority of Kenyans had to do with no lights for the better part of the day due to a 'system hitch' bringing small businesses to a stand still.

Most of Kenyans and especially small businesses have electricity as their only source of power with no backups. This thus puts them at the mercies of Kenya Power.

This is devastating to the small scale economy, as businesses grind to a halt as well as earnings for the duration of hitches and black outs.

I believe it's time vital cogs of the economy such as KPLC and SAFARICOM are diversified, to reduce the ripple effects of outages and breakdowns.

If M-Pesa were to be down for a prolonged period, the businesses that depend on it will be a stand still; no transactions, no deposits, withdrawals or peer to peer transfers. We'd be basically be dysfunctional.

Other players should be allowed in the electricity sector, even if only to out Kenya Power on its toes. In communication and electronic money transfer, the local players should step up and provide a worthy alternative to Safaricom and M-Pesa.