Dramatic Scene As A Headteacher And Wife Were Caught Doing Heinous Act To A Minor

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Residents of Homabay county have been left in shock after a primary headteacher and his wife were caught on the wrong arm of the law.

The two, being teachers, are known to be custodians of good morals were busted hiring a minor to work for them as a househelp instead of letting her acquire education.

Humphrey Muturi, the head teacher at Kuja Primary School and wife Catherine Gati were caught engaging a 9-year old girl in house duties.

Some of the duties the girl was found doing during a raid by police officers which go against the children's act were taking care of a toddler and house chores like washing utensils, clothes and cleaning the house.

It is alleged that the girl dropped out of school while in class two before she was rescued to be able to feed her family.

While appearing in court, Ruth Maloba, the principal margistrate ordered the two to be released on a cash bail awaiting next mentioning of their case.


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