Newest Mom In Town, Akorino Beauty Model Carey Priscilla Welcomes Baby Boy


Carey is a Kenyan Model,and actress and a beauty influencer.The beauty queen is also the CEO of Carey Beauty Kenya.One Week ago the model caused a stir online when she posted pictures of her baby bump.

Bearing in mind the Akorino religion is known for its strict rules,Kenyans were amazed by how the mother of one courageously exposed her bump.They didn't mind it though since the model looked gorgeous her baby bump.

She captioned that she believed God's time was the best."I am a firm believer that God's timing Is always better than our own",She said.Music artist Nadia mukami also shared a photo of the pregnant priscilla and captioned that she would spoil the child.

"My bestie,My love,My hardworking make up artist From kukuja na nduthi to owning your own place.If I was to describe carey I would say A hardworker and someone who stays on their lane.And that's what we have in common,congratulations babe.Aunty Mukami loves the little bundle of joy,we gonna spoil that baby.

Carey went to her social media platform and posted a great message for her new born baby."Oh boy am so in love with you.Thanks heaven for this little angel",posted priscilla.

Kenyans were so pleased to hear the news and they stormed her comment section to send their congratulation messages to the now new mother in town.

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