Even on social media, they ask for money, and crave money.


A woman is an adult female human being. And when God created the very first woman to live on earth, he did so for a meaningful purpose, and that was for her to be wife and helper for the man, just as the man would do too to love and care for her in return.

When a man and woman come together in a union or relationship, they do so basically because of love and affection, not centered around materialism, neither money. But these days, a lot of women have since deviated from the channel of love and affection and have developed insatiable hunger for money, to an extent they publicly crave seriously for it and threw love to the bin.

It is therefore not surprising to see these types of women all over various social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and other chat sites. They chat with the men they consider potential suitors, on the first day, accepting love proposals in disguise, then the next day, they start demanding money for food and other stuffs, including recharge cards of high domination, neglecting familiarity. They hardly take caution, neither they care about not haven't met the person/ persons they are talking in person either.

It is a common phenomenon these days, and it a trend that is on the increase on daily basis, on the internet when ever the men chat with these preying Ghanian women.

So if you are a man searching for love on the internet, please make sure your account is heavily loaded and your pocket is full, because some of our girls chase money there. And take not that there is a warning, such relationships can be very complicated sometimes too.

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