Kwabena Bobie Ansah Writes: Ghana political parties Demo or protest;


That’s the only moment to put on their good camp-boots, designed Lacoste or polo club t-shirts with quality trackers or jeans, that’s where the party girls use as an avenue to know the money controllers in the party while the money controllers also exhibit opulence to prove their worth, they play music and dance with all manner of skills, they converge @ the various food joints in groups and eat, drink and make merry, this too is vanity.

I thought AFAG group under Akufo Addo was the only culprits until I saw OCCUPYGHANA led by Ken Ofori Atta eating pizza on the streets with cold milo while complaining of hardship during a demonstration, they ended up booking the whole of Afrikiko for lunch. Now, what I saw with my eyes yesterday @ the NDC youth wing demo is nothing different from the previous, eeeeeei!

At a point I thought it was a fashion show, they played good quality love songs, danced and put on smiling faces all over.

Those who have it even as they are in opposition proved it through their sense of fashion, and the “I wanna be” ones also tried catching the eyes of the big men, Infact one negative thing I didn’t see yesterday is that food party after protests. Then again I asked myself about the presence of the new type of land-cruiser cars cruising on the streets with the protestors while they are still complaining about hardship. Really?

I think we need a serious tutorials on protest match from the ppl of Hong Kong, China, America and other serious countries where protest match means protest but not merry making.

I am not a hypocrite, sorry if I hurt anyone.