Primary learner abuses his teachers

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At Phiphidi outside Thohoyandou, Limpopo an eighteen-year-old male pupil. At a school called John Marumbini Primary is making headlines around the area for abusing other learners and his teachers. 

The boy goes by the name Mulalo Rasila, has brought fear even to his mother. On an interview today on Phalaphala FM Mulalo has been chased away from home by his own mother because she couldn’t tolerate him and his bad ways anymore. The principal of the school reported that he locks up the teachers in one of the classrooms and threatens them with a brick. Another big red flag that should have been reported is when he went to school with a gun and a knife and once strained a teacher’s hand.

His actions have led the school to close temporarily. Mulalo also takes the sanitizer bottles and starts applying it to everyone forcefully. The incident that caught the media’s eye is the one he pulled the 19th of January 2022 when he went to his school with a group of his friends, to attack the school teachers while carrying a big stick.

The teachers said they have reported him countless times, but the police never do anything to Mulalo. Mulalo’s biggest issue with the teachers is that he failed grade 7 and his peers have excelled to secondary school.

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