3 Parts Of The Human Body That We Can Live Comfortably Without

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Do you know that there are certain parts of the body that we can live comfortably without? Some of these parts of the body when removed won't in anyway interfere with the way and manner the body works and as such can be easily removed when they are either having issues or if they have the potentiality of hurting us without any side effects.

In this article for the purpose of enlightenment, we are going to have a loom at three parts of the human body that we can live comfortably without. I know many of us believe that everything in the human body plays a role in the effective running of the body, but allow this piece fully backed up by professional research by scientists prove you wrong. Just sit tight and enjoy this piece whilst learning something new.

What Are The 3 Parts of The Body That We Can Live Comfortably Without?

1. Palmaris Longus Muscle; this is a part of the human body that we can comfortably live without. If you rest the back of your wrist on a table and connect your thumb with your last finger otherwise referred to as pinky. You may see a band of muscle show on your wrist. That muscle is known as the palmaris Longus and according to medical research, this is one part of the body that we can live comfortably without. This is because the muscle helped early humans with their grip because they climbed trees but with the advancements in our lives and the fact that we started walking with two legs 3.2 million years ago, it totally became obsolete. Some individuals are even born without this muscle.

2. Appendix; this is another part of the body that we can live comfortably without. The appendix is one inner organ that has little to no role to play and even some medical research has come up with the postulations that removal of the appendix helps lower a person's risk of suffering parkinson's disease. That is why people suffering from appendicitis, often have their appendix removed and they still live their lives normally with no after effects or complications.

3. Spleen; this is another organ or part of the human body that we all can comfortably live without. This is because the role spleen plays in the body can be comfortably done by the liver such as recycling red blood cells and also some lymphoid tissues play the immune function of the spleen thus rendering this part of the body replaceable and near useless.

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