The Critics of NPP's IMF Decision will Definitely quiet because of this affirmation from Presidency

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Following the public authority of Ghana's choice to look for global help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the country has be tossed into a condition of discussion with many censuring the public authority for the move.

The Critics center thier conversations around the conditionalities that accompanies IMF support which could hamper occupations and other social intercessions like the Free SHS.

In any case, the Presidency in a tweet has guaranteed Ghanaians that the commitment with the IMF this time around won't force any authorizations on positions however will rather give occupations to individuals. The Presidency likewise guaranteed that the feeling of dread toward Ghanaians over the Free SHS should de deterred on the grounds that they IMF won't force any assents against it's smooth running.

The assertion added that the help from the IMF will assist with facilitating government strain from the Russia-Ukraine emergency and the staggering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tweet from the Presidency noted "Government has guaranteed Ghanaians that its discussions with the IMF will be to the greatest advantage of Ghanaians which will guarantee that individuals land positions, and reliefs from the tensions from the Russia-Ukraine war and COVID-19."

In another explanation earlier today, the Presidency noticed that Government guarantees Ghanaians that #FreeSHS and other significant lead projects wouldn't be dropped in spite of the state's application for IMF support."

This affirmation go against the perspectives that IMF backing might accompany conditions that will ruin new work in the public authority area.

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