Here's A Reason Why Thembelani Want To Take Makhumalo As His 2nd Wife In #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter

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Here Is The Reason Why Thembelani Want To Take Makhumalo As His 2nd Wife In #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter


Mzansi still cant get over the fact that Mashelembhe left as if she’s going to get some groceries and never came back. She is a Queen after she decided to left this nonsense that this Zulu boys are embracing and being proud of. When a woman is done she’s done.

Mzansi have reacted to #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter latest episode. Mzansi can't get to fact that Thembelani want to take Makhumalo as his second wife just to left her in villages to look after his mother who is having eyes problem. I mean who would agree to this nonsense that his saying. He's being forced to take her as Second wife because MaMthombeni refused to live in villages. Imagine leaving all life in Johannesburg and went back villages to baby sit old woman because you want to get married. 

MaMthombeni is ready to leave this polygamy ID Thembelani still continue to take Makhumalo as his second wife dispute her approval. Thembelani knows that Makhumalo cannot be trusted. He already has some doubt in her after she has been receiving calls from her ex boyfriend. But Thembelani just because he want someone who will look after his mother he said he still want her as his second wife. We can see that there is no love Thembelani is probably going to use her because he want her to look after his mother. 

We wish MaMthombeni can fulfill her promise and leave this polygamy marriage. She has full life ahead of her. All we know is that Mthombeni don’t take crap no matter if you can spice no marinade it. 

One thing about these girlies, they will tell you how much they were taught to respect, but only man because they have zero respect for the first wives. It's very weird because isn't respect supposed to be all around of you want this to work.

Mzansi have love Samantha and MaMchunu's relationship. Something which many does not understand is that one minute they are fighting like cat and dog, the next they are high fiving. You can see that it drives Qondanisa insane when his women get along. Some may not understand Mamchunu how is she okay will all this nonsense or pretending. You may think she is pretending because you can see the hurt when Samantha disrespects their man at the reunion true colours come out. 

One think we can say is that they understand each other and everyone is on their own case. They don't middle in each other's business. Things are about to change since MaBiyela is in the picture and ready to be wife number 3. MaMchunu does not have a problem with the wife number 3 and she has already accepted her but as if Samantha she does not accept her which means, there's a huge problem. If Qondanisa had to accept Samantha's baby even when it's not his child, it means Samantha also have to accept MaBiyela. 

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