Popular Actress Bimbo Ademoye Sheds Tears As A Fuel Attendant Treated Her In An Unexpected Way


Bimbo Ademoye is a Nigerian actress and is currently one of Nigeria's popular actresses. She got into the limelight not too long ago, and has already won a lot of awards due to her amazing talent and her dedication to the industry. Apart from just being an actress, she is a very relatable celebrity and is extremely funny.

She took to her Instagram live today to share an experience she has at a fuel station with her fans with the fuel attendant whose name is Genesis. According to her, she went to the fuel station to get fuel, and in getting there, the fuel attendant was really happy to see her and said he is one of her fans. She requested to buy fuel of five thousand naira, but instead of selling five thousand naira fuel to her, he sold five thousand five hundred naira fuel and told her the five hundred is a gift to her as he does not have a lot.

She was really touched by this random act of kindness and was left in tears. She immediately took to her Instagram live to tell her fans about her experience and also to reward the young man with a sum of one hundred thousand naira on live video. Apart from the one hundred thousand naira, some of her fans that were watching the live video also requested for his account details so they would also be able to send something to him. 

Genesis was really overwhelmed by all of this and did not know how to express himself as he really was not expecting it.

His actions were really unique in the sense that when people meet a celebrity, they usually expect to get something from the person, only a few people who are wealthy would give to celebrities so the fact that Genesis did not have much but choose to give her five hundred naira was really surprising to her.

This teaches us to just be nice to people and give without expecting anything in return. You would never know how your attitude affects people so just be nice.

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