Bad News to all SRD R350 beneficiaries This Morning.

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The government has been attempting to assist people in meeting their basic needs by providing unemployed people with a social relief grant of F350. This grant has been very helpful because many people lost their jobs because of the coronavirus, and since then they haven’t been able to recover. They have been making a living from this social relief grant.



However, many people have been very concerned because there have been rumours that this grant is nearing its end. On Friday, there was a meeting between Sassa and the standing committee about the continuation of this grant, and the outcome of that meeting was that the budget for the department of social development must be reduced because it has been the most consumed department since the beginning of the coronavirus.



It was announced that the SRD’s budget for the current financial year will be reduced to R44 billion. The bad news is that the reduction in the budget might leave some of the SRD beneficiaries without their grants because the budget will not be enough to cater to everyone. According to the estimations, more than 500 000 people will no longer be able to get their grant because of the budget cut.



After this was posted, it was just salt in the wound for the SRD beneficiaries. They are advising the government that it should cut off all foreigners because there are some foreigners who are getting the grant. Some even went on to say that the money is enough, it’s just that government officials are looting. That is why they think it won’t be enough. See comments from some Facebook users below.

In my opinion, instead of wasting money on this SRD thing, the government must use this budget to create projects that will help people get jobs because Rs 350 is not even enough to cover all the expenses a person might have. This will also help the country in the long run because the rate of unemployment will decrease and opportunities will be made available.


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