Possible Candidates in Kisumu Senate Race


Kisumu is one of the cities in Kenya and it's located in the Nyanza Region. Kisumu is headed by governor Prof Anyang Nyong'o and the county senator is Hon Fred Ouda.

Up to now, it's not known whether Ouda will be defending his seat or go for the county top seat to unseat governor Nyong'o who will be seeking votes for his 2nd term.

The likely candidate in the race is Hon James Nyikal of the Seme constituency. Nyikal is said to have worked with a lot of dignity and integrity especially in managing the CDF money and fair distributions of bursaries. Nyikal entry into the race is a plus to him due to his large support in the region.

The other likely candidate in the race is a Kisumu East member of parliament, Hon Shakeel Shabir. Is loved by many especially the youths and women of Kisumu due to his good development records in his constituency. He has the potential and ability to clinch this seat.

The last possible candidate in the race is a Kisumu west member of Parliament Hon Aluoch Olago. He is a long-serving member in Kisumu county. His name can't be missed in any general election in the region.Who will win the heart of the Kisumu people?

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