If your wife wake you up in the night and said honey I want to feel hot.(as a man what will you do).


As a man I will tell her, are you ready for it. If she says yes then you will conjugate, after all it is food that God prepared for married couple. As a wife don't feel shy tell your husband that you are in the mood. Also as a man don't feel shy to tell your wife that you are in the mood.

Know matter the time, if he or she is around tell her that you are in the mood. Couple having sex is not a bad thing, it is even food that God prepared for them. God is not desperate to made it that way. Man if you want to do remember that you are using your power. And once your power got finished climb down. Tell her babe are you satisfied now maybe she will say yes or no, but if she says no tell her to rest for the next five minutes.

Do you know why some people die on top of women, they want to satisfy her. There is nothing you will do in these world to satisfy human being.

Some wife always shy to tell her husband that she is in the mood, that is why once the husband left for work. Madam will go after gate man. She will call gate man without any thing to send him. Once gate man arrive madam will draw him close to her and tell him have you eaten, start touching his shirt button. She will tell him I want us to do something, my husband has gone to work. Nobody will catch us, and also I will tell my husband to increase your salary.

If you want us to be doing it each time my husband is not around, then gate man will ask her to be doing what? I want us to enjoy ourselves.

Do you see how desperate some wife can be, just because she felt shy when the husband was around.

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