Ghanaian invent auto translate earbud that need no internet.

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To invent something means to be the creator of it. Since the dawn of human civilization, devices have been developed to make life easier for humans. People who tend to event one thing or another are always highly regarded by the public because they meet human needs in some way. Many Africans believe that Westerners are the ones who invent most things. However, thanks to information, we have recently learned about a number of Africans who have brought inventions that have been extremely beneficial to the world.

Almost everyone enjoys associating themselves with greatness. It is always a source of pride when one of your own accomplishes something significant for the world. Identifying with such people gives one a sense of security. And now, as Ghanaians, we have the opportunity to identify with someone of that caliber. 

Most auto translate earbuds require internet access to function, but according to reports from yesterday by Samuel Sefa, a Ghanaian by name Danny Manu has invented an auto translate earbud that does not require internet access. 

According to the news source, Danny Manu, the Ghanaian-British’s product named CLICK is the first of its kind in the world of gadgets.

The earbuds is tagged the world’s first truly wireless earphones with live voice translation.

CLICK supports over 37 languages.

The leading earbuds automatically detect the language being spoken and provide translation within a sentence or two after establishing connection with a smart phone.

CLIK will let you listen to your favorite music in HD Sound, answer calls all for 30 hours.

That's pretty impressive. If it works, this device has the potential to solve a large number of language barrier issues at a low cost because it does not require the purchase of an internet bundle. This should also encourage many Ghanaian youth to venture into the world of invention in order to position the Ghana flag prominently on the global map.

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