How Jubilee Governor Was Received In His Own Backyard Trying To Popularize Azimio Coalition

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Jubilee ally Laikipia governor Nderitu Mureithi toured his backyard Laikipia county trying to popularize Azimio coalition and selling his gubernatorial bid.

In a video posted by a writer in his YouTube channel, Nderitu Mureithi was received by a small crowd of residents. Nderitu Mureithi is known to be a king of pulling huge crowds from his backyard in previous elections, but things seems to have changed.

Nderitu Mureithi addressing the residents, he escalated his attacks on deputy president William Ruto. Saying that its indeed sad that some leaders are expected to be role model to the society but instead they are busy using abusive language towards President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Nderitu Mureithi went ahead and asked leaders to respect Uhuru Kenyatta and stop using abusive language towards the president.

He also urged laikipia residents that they shouldn't vote for leaders who are always moving around the country. Giving false promises for a favor of votes. Saying that the only team that wishes well fo the common citizens, is team azimio coalition.

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