Oscar Sudi Says He Doubts Gideon's Academic Qualifications


Kapseret member of parliament, Hon. Oscar Sudi, now claims that Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has no degree qualifications, Oscars says when academic papers will be required by Independent, Electoral and Boundaries Comision for clearance to run for the presidency, Gideon will have nothing to present.

Sudi says he Doubts what Gideon had gone to study in London after allegedly getting first degree from "his father's" Universit, refering to Moi Kabarak University.

Sudi has mocked Gideon's presidential ambition terming it a dream that will not come true, he is now advising Gideon to rally behind Ruto who is more qualified than him.

Oscar Sudi. Photo courtesy

Sudi's statement comes at a time the debate on the succession politics is becoming more intensified, Gideon has been rumoured to be Uhuru's preferred candidate, however, top national politicians have ganged up against any presidential candidate who will be endorsed by the so called the deep state. Watch Sudi's speech: https://www.facebook.com/MagareHeadboy/videos/713146599350579/?app=fbl

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