Me & My Sister Have Been Living Inside The Bush Since 2017 When We Came To The City For A Job - Lady


This life is very hard, no one has to tell you about it. Some people see their mates traveling to the city, and they think that it is all about traveling to the city that will make them successful. Many parents will be like 'Emeka has traveled to Lagos, now he's back, see the expensive cars he bought for his mother' do you know what Emeka is doing in Lagos, do you know what he's passing through in that Lagos?.

You can actually make wealth wherever you are in this world, be it in the village or in the city. Some people will just go to the city believing as far as you have stepped your foot in the city, you will be packing money like sand.

This is the case of two young sisters from South Africa who left their village to the city to look for a job. According to them, they left their village for the city in 2017, but since they stepped their foot in the city, everything have been hard for them. They couldn't afford a shelter, they had no choice but to live inside a bush.

They have been living inside the bush without anybody knowing about it. They couldn't find a job, they also couldn't afford a shelter and they couldn't return to their village maybe because of transport fare. I don't know how they were found, but they shared their story when people realized that they were actually living in the bush. Please drop a comment, like, share and follow me up.