"I'm Not A Ritualists" Renowned Actor Cries


A popular Nigerian actor and a lawyer, Anayo Modestus Onyekwere widely known in the movie industry as Kanayo O Kanayo has revealed that a lot of people now call him a ritualist anywhere he passes due to the role he  performs in most of his movies.

In a latest post on his Facebook handle, the actor has cleared the air that he is not a ritualist as many perceive him to be; and that, it is just a movie role he has been paid to project or act.

One of the post on his official Facebook page reads as, “Everywhere I Pass, People Refer to me as a ritualist…. I was just acting sha”

In a related post the renowned actor and a lawyer explained himself out to his fans and followers that, he and  other actors in the industry who happened to play a  similar roles in movies are only projecting a story with good deeds and not something evil as many of his fans think.

According to him, they are hard workers and they only get paid to act. He however advised his loyal fans not to believe everything they see in movies.

“ We are just actors paid to project a story with deep moral lessons not ritualists as many fans think – we are hard workers.

Don’t believe everything you see in movies;  I am a Christian o a beg” he cried out.

It’s not a strange thing that many  of the youth of today try to put into practice whatever they see on movies and that is the main reason why the actor has made things clear that he is not a ritualist and that; it is just meant for acting and nothing beyond that.

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By:Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma

MNCNEWS newshub-gh@operanewshub.com

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