Malmo Soccer Academy vs Helsingborg Prediction Odds And Betting Tips 27/06/2022

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Malmo soccer academy had been one of the best teams in the Swedish top flight but it needs to be noted that lately their form has been really worrisome. After starting their campaign on a long unbeaten run, they went on a short losing streak a few weeks before.

It has come to an end now and it seems as if they are ready to once again to get back into their groove. But they will have to be careful and will have to go on another long streak of wins if they are to make amends for their consecutive defeats.

And it seems as if they have a great opportunity coming up. They are at home and are pittted against the absolute worst team in the Swedish top flight.

Helsingborg are placed bottom-most in the table and are on a long losing streak. They are conceding goals in worrying numbers and have managed to record a total of just one win all through the campaign.

At present Malmo soccer academy are on a 3-fixture winning streak and they had scored a total of 5 goals in the process.

Going on, they were unbeaten in 16 of their last 19 overall matches, and they had also won 8 of their past 10 appearances at home.

Considering all these observations anticipate a victory 4 Malmo this Monday.

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