"You Will Keep Suffering Insecurity And Lack Of Self-Worth Until You Know This"- Pastor Joel Osteen


Pastor Joel Osteen, a seasoned preacher of the word of God who has one of the biggest churches in the world has revealed the reason most people suffer the problem of low self-esteem. It's not the will of the God for his children to live in mediocrity. The man of God expounded on the truth that it's very necessary for one to know who he is in God. This is because, it will help you to stop trying to look like others.

Pastor Joel Osteen made it very clear that most people suffer this problem because they think they were made to be like others. Because Mr A is successful doesn't mean that you will attain the same manner of success as him. Your might be greater. Therefore, the first level of purpose discovery is to understand your place in God. You must know how God sees you before you think about how men sees you. This is very key in living g out your God given purpose on earth.

Pastor Joel Osteen advised the children of God to avoid spending their whole energy trying to get other people to validate them. He pointed out that the most important thing now is to secure a place in the heart of God and know who he has made you.

"If you don't know who you are, a child of the Most High God, then you'll spend your energy trying to get other people to validate you. But when you're secure in who God has made you to be, you won't live trying to impress people and getting your values out of what they think", Pastor Joel Osteen said

The most thrilling fact about you is that nobody is like you. Nobody can do what God has assigned you to be.

Do the following;

1. Understand that you're God's delight.

2. You're made in his image and likeness, nobody should make you feel inferior.

3. You must know who he has made you by going to ask him in prayers, study word and books that is written by God fearing people. You could read 'Purpose Driven Life' 0by Rick Warren

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