Beautiful Lady Drops Dead After Complaining Of Stomach Pains

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The Ghanaian social media space has been thrown into a state of mourning after a beautiful lady died few moments after complaining of stomach pains.

The lady who was known as Comfort got many Facebookers into sadness after they heard the heart breaking news.

Her death was announced by her friend, Lucy Nsiah who remained inconsolable as she mourned her departed friend.

It was gathered that Comfort had earlier complained of pains around her abdomen and got admitted at a nearby hospital.

Unfortunately, she passed on while admitted at the health facility leaving her family and friends in sorrow.

The post which was shared on popular Facebook page, Tell It All has since garnered numerous reactions and comments depicting how her death has affected even those who don't know her.

While some questioned how death could be extremely cruel to such a beautiful woman others also tried to feel the pain of the family and peers the deceased left behind.

In recent times Facebook has become an obituary space where people announce the death of their loved ones to the public to solicit their sympathy.

It is quite shocking that almost every minute, a picture of a young man or woman is posted on the social media outlet thus sending viewers into a mood of sadness.

May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

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