Cute Baby Bump Photos Of Our Kenyan Celebrated Women

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The journey to mother hood is never smooth to most women, carrying pregnancy for nine months comes with a lot of challenges due to change of hormones during that period. However, Kenya's famous women never pity themselves while on such seasons, they unceasingly continue to share their their baby bump pictures on social media thanking God for the blessing that is about to come.

For instance, influencer Corazone Kwamboka has never failed to update her Instagram stories with pictures whenever she is pregnant, which in my opinion is not a bad thing.

Besides, Jack Matubia too has been flaunting so much with her bump, she is expecting her second child and can't hide her joy as we can see on her internet walls.

We are not leaving out cute Grace Ekirapa, Pascal Tokodi's wife. Soon she will be meeting her first baby. Grace made it known to the public that she is pregnant through pictures she posted on her social media platforms.

Pregnancy is not something to hide and women need to be proud of it as they are practically taking part in creation.

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