Doctor confirmed my daughter was hanged by someone - Mum of JHS girl in video


Earlier today, news went viral about the demise of, Leticia Kyere Pinaman, a final year student of the Miracle Junior High School.

Currently, it has been revealed that her death was a result of suicide.

However, there is a new twist to the story as late Leticia Kyere Pinaman's mother has confirmed that her daughter was hanged by someone.

The mother the 14-year-old student of Miracle Junior High School at Sunyani, has debunked the claims of suicide.

In a video going viral on Instagram with the handle of Factsandtruths_official, the mother of the late Felicia revealed that, according to the doctor, her daughter was dead before she was hanged.

She indicated that, according to the doctor, people exhibit when they are hanged alive but added that Leticia did not have any. 

"According to the doctor, there was no sign of death by hanging. Her tongue didn't protrude, she didn't pass any faecal matter or urine. And that means, she was dead before getting hanged", she lamented.

Watch the video below