Video: Check out Reactions to what a bridesmaid wore to her friend's wedding


I can vividly remember that in those days there were rules and principles that a guess or a bridesmaid should never dress and be nicer than the lady pr the woman doing the weeding.

But now people don't really respect those of rules and now tend to go against some things that they should not.

Now some bridesmaids want to dress and be even look more beautiful and glamorous than the lady doing the weeding.

Today as I'm speaking to you now there is a video circulating online about a bridesmaid who went to her friend's lady’s wedding with some beautiful and gorgeous dress which got the attention and reaction of everyone at the wedding and this spark so many reactions and talk online.

The video who currently making the news online was shared by two people that attended the wedding, they shared the video on Twitter.

From what we can see the bride dress so decently in her white things while the bridesmaids dress and was showing some of her things which cause the main attention online.

Check the video below and let us know what you also think about this in the comment section.


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