Why I Still Want Him Back In My Life


In life there are things you never thought will happen in your relationship but before you see it has happened already.

One of it is loosing the man you love so much by mistake. That is maybe you’ve ended your relationship and now realize you’ve made a big mistake.

It can also happen that it was him who ended your relationship instead and you want him to realize that he made a big mistake.

Whatever the reason for the breakup, now you want to bring him back to your life.

The truth is the feelings remain intense and will most certainly remain strong between you, even months after the breakup. Arguments alone will never erase strong feelings for each other.

However, most of the time, the intense feelings that remain can also serve as the spark to re-establish good communication with an ex-spouse.

It’s clear that not every woman can get her man back as quickly as others, but around 90% of women make a mistake by trying to entice their man too quickly.

In this article, you will find effective ways to achieve this.

1. I still love my ex

It’s so normal to miss lovers when they’re no longer by our side. It’s basic human nature if you think about it. If you take something away from someone, they will clearly miss it! 

When we think we miss our ex and wonder why it is so painful, it is simply Love! This is both the most methodical and the most delicate reason, because it is delicate when you think that it is the only thing that guides us.

As I sometimes explain to those close to me, people tend to imagine themselves again with their ex, not out of love, but because it feels good to have someone by their side.

This type of happiness causes a slight problem. This doesn’t mean that real love isn’t present, but it’s also likely that you are quite emotionally dependent.

But don’t worry, all of this is not negative, for the truth is, you just need to find the right balance.

You most certainly say to yourself: “I sincerely love my ex”, and you regret the mistakes that caused the breakup.

2. I wanna bring a man back because I feel bad about the separation

It is not a question here of the people with whom one broke up, but of those who decided to leave.

Over time you may have realized that your man is the chosen one and are now figuring out how to get a man back.

Don’t worry, because even if you have decided to break up, you can still bring it back!

That said, you should never let regret control your life, or it may ruin it.

A person might think that they would be happier and able to have a much better relationship with someone else, but if you regret the absence of your ex, it will be really hard for you to move on.

You will eventually regret this decision as well. It’s important to understand what you want most and work towards achieving it, to make sure you don’t regret it later.

Often times you need the time and space to allow certain things to become clearer and more obvious, and you are keenly aware of how much care you are giving your ex, to the point of figuring out how to get a man back.

But in all the best thing to listen to is your heart beat.

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