6 Common Things Ladies Only Do When They Have Feelings For You

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Regardless of how hard a woman tries to disguise her affections for you, it's easy to determine if she has feelings for you. Ladies have a difficult time concealing their feelings, especially when they are strong. When a woman develops affections for you, she can take tiny steps to show her love for you.


Girls are regarded to be the most private, and they only tell outsiders their darkest secrets if they are close to them. You can tell whether a woman has feelings for you when she starts disclosing private things about herself.


Any female who isn't always brimming with strong affections for you may avoid being around you. A woman who cares about you will want to spend as much time as possible with you, even if it means skipping a few of her appointments.


She'll want to seize any possibilities that come her way, no matter how small. She'll try to contact you while you're conversing or strolling, and if you witness this, you'll know she likes you.


When a woman loves you, she wants you to be the last person she sees before going to bed and the first person she sees when she wakes up. If a female insists on taking you on a walk around her house, you may be sure she cares about you.


A woman who loves you wants your body to be continuously touching hers, and she will want to remain a safe distance from you when you're together.


If the two of you have the chance to kiss, she will do it immediately.

Remember that she has feelings for you if you're ready to kiss her and she just kisses you instead. No women will kiss a man she doesn't care for.

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