Do You Know How To Spot Fake Curves? If No, Here Are The Easy Ways To Detect Fake Curves

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OPINION: Do you know how to spot fake curves? Here are the easy ways to identity fake curves. 

Curve: is when a lady backside is well defined. A woman having a curvy shape is attractive to people; because of this, copious of ladies engaged them selves on cosmetics surgery in order to get an attractive and a wider hips. 

For you not to fall for fake curves, here is the easy ways to identity fake curves:

 1. If a lady is thin all around but her hip, back and fronside is big in size, there can be a chance of fake shape (curve). 

 2. Normally a lady with natural big hips will also have a big butt. If one is available without another, we can consider it fake. 

 3. You can also detect the fake curves by women movement; if a lady with cosmetics surgery is walking, all her backside will be over shaking. 

I think you can now easily spot fake curves from natural ones. Feel free share it to others and drop your comment below. 

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