How We Acquire Knowledge

When I think about knowledge the first thing that comes to my mind is education. I believe that knowledge comes to people by their experiences in life. In other words, life is an instrument that leads me to gain knowledge. Many people consider that old people are wise because they have learned from good and bad experiences throughout their lives. Education requires work, dedication and faith to gain knowledge. We acquired knowledge through the guidance of from parents, role models, college/University teachers and life experiences.

When we were little our parents had to guided us because we did not have the ability to live by ourselves. Sometimes, for some people, their parents taught them or they sent them to school to develop their knowledge. Parents helped their children to do their homework. They encouraged them to continue their early education. Parents help their children to build confidence in their life. A child with confidence is able to has a positive attitude in school. Also, help the child to be positive in his leaning. Many children have problems learning in school because parents do not give them support. Instead, they tell them that they are not good nothing. Also, parents help to build ways of learning at an early age. When we were, little we did not know how to study, how to read. Our parents found the best way to learn the basic education.

As students, knowledge is very important to guide us to continuo our education. A way to acquire knowledge is to have a role model in our lives. In this society almost every child, adult and elder has o had has a hero in their lives. It is very important to have someone to admire because it helps to increase our interest in education and eventually it will lead us to gain knowledge. Role models make the students to feel positive that they will be able to fulfill their dreams. For example, I grew up in a Christian family. My role model since I was a little girl was Jesus. I wanted to be like him, and follow all his teachings. I knew that I could gain knowledge through his words. I know that most religions have a leader that most of the people follow.