How Big Supermarkets Dribble You With The So Called Specials

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There's a post making rounds on the social media streets, showing a trick that major retail supermarkets use in order to blind their customers to woo them in buying certain items that are on special or atleast that's how they make it seem.

For instance on the image above, they say you can buy 2 Sasko white bread for R25 but surprising thing is that one bread cost just R10 but the reason why many customers miss this trick is because the SPECIAL price tag is bigger than the normal one and this results in many customers ignoring the original price tag.

These big retailers use what we call psychological pricing which is a pricing strategy in business whereby prices are usually set lower than a whole number.

Big retailers have figured that buyers usually read slightly lowered prices and just treat it lower than the price actually is. This strategy always works to perfection because it attacks the psychological point of view of someone.

In order to avoid these kind of mental tricks, customers should start being vigilant around the so called "specials" whenever time they're shopping especially in stores selling food and products.



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