Rare Photo Of Diamond's Son Naseeb Smiling To The Camera


Naseeb Junior is the well known son of Celebrated Tanzania's artist Diamond and Tanasha Donna. Naseeb is the current last born son of Diamond's children and to Tanasha Naseeb is the First Born Boy. This is because Diamond has also sired other children with different baby mamas. This makes Naseeb Junior a half brother to Dylan who is Hamisa's kid and to Prince Nilan and Princess Tiffah who are Zari's children.

However Tanasha and Diamond separated and Tanasha lives with her son in Kenya. Tanasha did not reveal the reason towards her move of separating with her kid's father. However Diamond and Tanasha still do co parent.

Currently Tanasha and her Son came to visit Mombasa and are in a staycation in one of the hotels in Diani. Tanasha and Naseeb seemed to enjoy their time bonding as it is evident from the video that Tanasha posted on her Instagram Stories. Naseeb seemed happy to be with his mum and kept smiling. See photos of Naseeb Junior below.

Mazziadani kenya_public@operanewshub.com