Government Should Stop This Pretence; Road Accident Taking More Lives Than Coronavirus


Whenever certain continuous bad event happens the only thing we can say as citizens is "Enough is Enough". Why can we be in a country where the leaders and these so called Politicians take us for granted or only show love to us when they need us to endorse them by giving them our votes.

It is very true that Coronavirus or Covid-19 is real and has taken millions of lives, of which in Ghana it has taken 763 lives but we cannot sit down and fold our arms without telling them the pain they are causing us.

Are you aware that, Road Accident in Ghana takes over 2000 lives every year? Are you also aware that between the period of January 2021 and March 2021 road accident has caused more death than Covid-19 deaths in Ghana since it started killing Ghanaians?.

Covid-19 which is currently seen as the most dangerous disease, has no cure, has destroyed the Ghanaian economy, collapsed jobs and others has only taken 763 lives since the virus( SARS-COV-2) entered Ghana. But Road Accident that has been with us since time immemorial and has killed millions of people and nothing tangible is done about it.

According to the Ghana Police Service, 771 persons were killed between January and March this year alone amid the ongoing pandemic. This is part of the data gathered by the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service.

The above information tells us how serious road accident is and the number of precious lives Ghanaians have lost due to the fact that the government has done nothing better to curb these deaths and injuries.

Covid-19 came just yesterday but see how the government is controlling the incident to reduce fatalities but why hasn't this same government done anything better to solve this unbearable road accidents and continuous deaths.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic in Ghana, around the 9th of March, 2020, a gory accident occurred around Kintampo and about 40 people died, of which about 30 of them were burnt to death.

This is really sad, please Mr President help us solve this road accident problems because we are losing people who had nothing to do with all these accidents.