"The President Must Decide Whether To Be A Private Citizen Or President", NARC Kenya Leader Says


The National Rainbow Coalition (NARC-K) national chairperson Martha Karua has asked the president of Kenya Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to decide on whether to be a private citizen like the rest of Kenyans or remain as the Head of State Kenyans elected him to be under the 2010 Constitution.

"A line has to be drawn. The president must decide to either be a private citizen or be the president in such an amendment process.", Martha Karua said this as posted on NARC Kenya's official Facebook page.

Martha Karua who is the national party leader of the National Rainbow Coalition NARC-K and also a member of the Linda Katiba group of constitution activist said this following the High Court ruling on the constitutionality of the process followed in furthering the proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative Referendum Bill by its proponents.

The High Court ruled that the process was unconstitutional since for the Constitution of Kenya to be subjected to a referendum, a popular initiative should be initiated by a private citizen and not a state organ like the office of the presidency. The high found the process unconstitutional since it was President Uhuru Kenyatta who initiated the BBI Referendum Bill.

By saying that the president should decide on whether he is a private citizen or the president, Martha Karua meant that President Uhuru Kenyatta should disassociate himself from the ongoing tussle between the judiciary and the BBI Referendum Bill agenda.

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