42-Years-Old Lady Narrates An Awful Experience Where The Brother-In-Law Defiled Her Three Times


A Lady aged 42 in Uriri village Migori county is seeking justice after the brother-in-law defiled her three times. Achieng(not her real name) claims that the man never gives her peace. He even threatens to kills her if she dare report the matter to anyone. Achieng narrated the awful experience and she was so sad about it. Achieng said that the brother-in-law timed her when she was going home from a nearby market. He pulled Achieng straight into a bush and defiled her. The second time also happened in a bush close to their homestead. Achieng reported the incident to Uriri police station but they released him after some few months. On the third occasion, brother-in-law ambushed Achieng while she was watching television in her house. This time round he had a "panga". He threated to kill Achieng if she yelled or reported to anyone. As reported by a trusted source, the young guy defiled Achieng and left. (Source, The Standard)

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