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Occasionally you hear a celebrity requesting for a paternity test for his or her child. This usually occurs when there is a question/doubt regarding who the child's father is.

Some Kenyan celebrities have undergone DNA tests to establish paternity.

These are some of the celebs;

Diana Marua

Diana Marua once faced a dispute with her husband, Kelvin Bahati, and Silas Imbaga during her pregnancy with her firstborn, Heaven Bahati.

This arose when reports surfaced that Diana had an affair with her ex-boyfriend, and that the kid might not be Bahati's.

 The rumors brought a suspicion on Bahati that made him to take a DNA test to prove that the child was his. Bahati took the DNA test in privately without Diana's knowledge. Bahati later refuted the accusations, claiming that they were all lies intended to tear his family apart.

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Yvette Obura

This comes after it was revealed that Bahati had refused to accept responsibility for his daughter with Yvette Obura unless he was certain by the DNA test of the child.

He later admitted that the child was his after the test was out.

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This came after her now-husband, fellow comedian  Prof. Hamo insisted that their children to undergo a DNA test before he begins providing for them.

Prof. Hamo made his requests after Jemutai accused him of being a slacker father who failed to provide for their children. Following the disagreement, a DNA test was performed. The results indicated that the kids were indeed his.

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Kabi Wa Jesus

Kabi wa Jesus is another star who had to take a paternity test to establish that baby Abby, was indeed his daughter that he had with his cousin.

 His cousin took him to court accusing him of not paying for the child support to their daughter. Kabi had claimed that Abby was not his child and that he couldn't provide for her at the time.

The court then demanded for a DNA test that confirmed that Abby was his child.

 Kabi WaJesus admits to fathering child after DNA test

Zari Hassan 

Zari had to verify the paternity of her daughter Tiffah Dangote. This was after Tanzanians put pressure on her to prove that the child was Diamond's and not the child of her in-laws from a prior marriage, as had been reported.

Diamond and Zari traveled to South Africa at the time to do a DNA test that showed Tiffah was indeed his child.

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