How To Activate, Deactivate Or Know Call Forwarding Status On Your Phone

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Call forwarding helps one when to get reached whether he/she is unavailable or available using another number. Therefore call forwarding is a telephone service that allows a subscriber to have incoming calls forwarded to a different number. This means that when one activates call forwarding on a phone number, he/she wants all incoming calls to that number to be redirected to another number that has been set.

To activate call forwarding, go to the dialing pad, then dial *62* the number you want to set and then #. You will get a notification telling you that your call forwarding has been set successfully. This means all your call will be forwarded to the number you set and the incoming calls shall be diverted to it if not available but you don't pick the call within 15 seconds or whenever you are unavailable.

To deactivate the call forwarding, just dial #21# and it will be automatically deactivated. Finally to know you call forwarding status just dial *#21# and you will see the numbers that your Call Forwarding have Ben set to. Some android phones will also work with *#61# for checking the number you have set up when your phone is engaged with another call.

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