What Happens When You Take Cold Shower Everyday

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Taking a shower not only refreshes our bodies but also is a way of getting rid of dirt. We often do cold or hot shower but in our article we are focusing on the cold shower.

Here is what happens on taking a cold shower;

1. Chances of getting cold cough - Showering with cold water frequently especially during the cold season increases the chances on one contacting the cold cough.

2. It increases testosterone levels - Male testes requires a cold environment for more production of sperms thus cold shower contributes a lot in ensuring a favourable environment for more sperm production hence high testosterone levels.

3. Strength - When someone is really fatigued then goes for a cold shower, he or she comes out just so strong and refreshed with new strength.

4. Confidence - The confidence after taking a cold shower really hits different unlike before the shower. It creates a very high confidence as you can feel free to interact with any one.

5. Addiction - At times once you have got used to taking cold shower it becomes an habit such that you can't think otherwise of maybe having even an hot or skipping the shower.

6. Body reaction - Some people develops some body reaction after showering with cold water. The reactions might be sneezing or even feeling itchy all over the body.

7. Stress - People takes cold shower as stress reliever and more often when hit with some stress then one decides just to have a cold shower and after that he or she just feel somehow relaxed.

There is always a different feeling before and after taking a cold shower. Not only even are you able to sharply think of new ideas but also you can go ahead and get yourself into some clean clothing and become impressive.

Finally in health matters, cold shower is the best.

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