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State House Girls’ School marking centre has its teacher examiners go on riot this morning, Baringo county teacher throws child on fire for claims wife is cheating and P1 teachers to be trained on CBC Diploma courses through school-based programs courtesy of Ministry of Education are the education news highlights this afternoon.

1. Head-teacher accused of throwing a baby into fire surrenders to police

Paul Kipsang, 47, from Baringo County surrendered himself to elders at Ngaratuko village who later handed him the local police on Monday night.

According to reports by the standard, the headteacher has been on the run fortnight after throwing his five months old baby into the fireplace having suspected his wife of infidelity.

Baringo North sub-county police commander Fredrick Odinga said they escorted the suspect to Loruk police headquarters where they booked him. 

“The suspect is in our custody. He surrendered himself to village elders who successively escorted him to the police station,” Odinga told the standard Digital.

They presuppose Kipsang to have thrown the infant into the fire after he quarrelled with the wife.

“I rushed back to the kitchen, forced the door open only to seek the baby within the fire. Armed was my husband with a panga as watched because the baby burn.

“I fought my way into the kitchen to rescue the baby from the fireplace. He sustained facial injuries.” narrates Chepkwony, the mother of the baby.

2. P1 Teachers to be trained on CBC Diploma courses through school-based programs courtesy of Ministry of Education

The Ministry of education plans to equip over 175,000 P1 instructors with diploma certificates in a Competency-based Curriculum. they’ll achieve this through college-based applications at various decided on colleges to make sure the P1 teacher improve to diploma levels ready with CBC pedagogies.

It’s alleged that the government is likely to sponsor the said instructors - a strategy to make certain their plan come to fulfilment.

They will contract selected universities to offer the guides based totally on the CBC program, to last for simply three years of education.

The three years, consistent with sources, could be sufficient to assure the trainer gain the skills wished for the CBC curriculum implementation.

Those specific skills will enable the teacher to become aware of precise areas in which the learner is talented and therefore nurture them to bring out the exceptional from the child.

3. Educators Marking KCSE Exam tools down over allowances 

Two marking centres in Nairobi have their teacher examiners go slow on marking as they order an increase in allowances. 

The inspectors request an earnings raise for each paper marked as well risk remittance, since marking circumstances have changed because of Covid-19.

Moi Girls’ Secondary school had examiners go on agitation last Monday evening while in State House Girls’ School educators went on unruliness this Tuesday morning. 

This horrible news will see results of the KCSE examination which was to be released for this existing week Friday postpone any longer.


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