" Hata Napanga Vile Nitachukua Mama Yako" Angry Bahati Response to His Fan

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Bahati Popularly known as mtoto wa Diana, currently he is making progress. He has been trending for about one week now after gifting his wife a mansion worth millions.

His hardworking in partnership with her wife's it really yielding positive results, they are winning ambassadors deals everyday from various company like kavagara and komarok hospital.

Today he captioned this on his post, "When they make noise make sure you are making money that will make them silent." Then a bitter fan just went ahead and wrote this comment, "Unatafuta pesa uweke mumama" which he was trying to relate it with Diana's song of Mubaba but Bahati seems to be angry because he responded that he is actually planning to go for his mother and leave them alone this must be hilarious.

According to the current situation and use of words I think he couldn't overreact since it's kind of a joke. Comment what you think about it and follow the profile for more interesting articles.

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