A Woman From Mombasa Claims Uhuru Kenyatta Fathered Her Two Kids


A woman identified as Evelyn Ikandi Mwende from Mombasa has taken to her Facebook account to express her fear claiming that she is being followed for allegedly having two babies with the president, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. 

According to the reports given by one Evelyn, she claimed that Kenyatta has not been providing for his two alleged children.In a post which she shared on Facebook as quoted below, she called upon President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to speak up on the matter adding that her life is now in danger claiming that she is being followed by unknown people.

"Mr president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta please address this issue before you go back to your station in Nairobi. Do you recognize these two children, Fadhili Jomo and Ahadi Maria came into the world via you, I'm really tired of being followed by people affiliated to you my life has been hanging", she said. Evelyn went ahead and called upon President Uhuru Kenyatta to at least start supporting his alleged children and stop making it look like nothing happened. below is her full statement...

"Mr. President, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, at the coast this weekend. Please address this issue before you go back to your station in Nairobi. Do you recognize that these two children, Fadhili Jomo and Ahadi Maria came into this world via you? Sir, am really tired of being followed around by people affiliated with you. My life has been hanging. I do nothing peacefully because nafuatwa usiku na mchana. After realizing that you weren't taking responsibility, I worked hard as the woman I am. 

I do anything within my ability to earn an income for my children. Unfortunately, I can't do it peacefully. They imagine it's your money yet I hussle on my own. So if you were supporting these children and i decided to share a portion of "their food" with other suffering Kenyans like those I worked with at Diani recovery center? Should I die because of these children? Am I not entitled to anything in this life?

I provide for these children according to my ability,my level.Ive taken my kids to schools I can afford though I struggle to pay the fee coz of these hard times. Dont these children deserve a better life? I thought atleast you should pay rent for the house they live.But whenever I bring you up as the one supposed to help pay the rent,am kicked out of the house.Am almost being kicked of a house because I requested you help me with the rent atleast. Coz the cash I earn isnt enough to cater for my 5 children Atleast the other three who dont 'belong' to you should benefit from these ones of yours(or is my thinking wrong)? 

I TRY MY BEST TO HIDE MY PAIN But today I've reached my breaking point. Mr president,you have a great heart this is not like you sir. If it's people around you who block you from supporting these children,are they human? Mama taifa,however much you pretend not to know my existence.I know you make every effort to prove that I have nothing with your husband.You wish me dead but God knows why am alive. Whether theres something or not,these children deserve better.He ordered for them.' She said

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