Mpenzi Mtazamaji, Abel Mutua's Wife Left To Watch As Celebrity Couple Shows Love In Front Of Her

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Wife to former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua, was recently seemed to be lonely despite attending Nyashinski's musical event.

The actor's wife goes by the name Judy Nyawira, with the couple being blessed with one child.

Mutua, who currently runs his own TV production company, together with another former Tahidi High actor Philip Karanja, seemed to be running late for the event.

His wife on the other hand, was stationed at the VIP section alongside Phil and his wife Kate actress.

Njugush's wife Wakavinye, was also stationed at the VIP section. Hence, when Nyashinski started singing one of his favorite love songs, all couples turned towards each other as they embraced one another in love.

At first the cameras focused on Judy and Wakavinye who were at the front line of the VIP section. However, Njugush's arrival, complicated matters for Mutua's wife who was standing just next to Wakavinye.

This was after he headed straight to his wife, with the cameras still concentrated on the trio. He later embraced his wife, as they sang Nyashinski's song together, with Judith left to watch and tap her phone. Abel was nowhere to be found at the time.

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