Where Ghana Art industry is heading


Where Ghana Art industry is heading

The arts industry involves a lot of creativity and that means putting in a lot of support and energy. Over the years, the Ghana Arts industry is experiencing what one will call a “dangling improvement”. Music, theatre and dance involves the Arts industry.

The emergence of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic almost collapsed the theatre as performances were asked to come to a standstill. One may ask, before the deadly pandemic came into existence, how was theatre in the country? How was it helping the country to thrive economically and what measures were put in place by the government and individual stakeholders to help the theatre arts thrive.

It is an indisputable fact that, there are numerous talents here in Ghana which when utilized well, can yield good results for the country as a whole. The country’s arts industry (music) is experiencing what one can term as “rivalry competition”. Every artiste wants to prove how he or she is superior to the other, and how good he or she can be and this has breed jealousy, unnecessary competition and rivalry in the arts industry, which is one of the major causes of failure in the arts industry. Gaining support between and amongst artistes is one difficult thing to achieve in Ghana.

 Aside the artistes themselves preventing the arts industry to thrive, the leaders of the arts industry are equally not really helping the industry to thrive. The world keeps advancing as technology keeps dominating, the introduction of digital technologies is what people claim to have collapsed the arts industry especially the film industry as most people are unable to buy the cassettes to watch such videos.

Some artistes have been able to put up their shows and series online for accessibility but the question here is, what about the upcoming artistes who don’t have enough money to stage their shows or series and put it out there for people to get access to it.

Some of the television stations are equally not helping to curb the situation at hand as they advertise foreign movies and give it more attention. Most of the series being shown on the television are foreign series, contributing to people’s taste for foreign goods and neglecting one’s local series.

There is the need for the introduction of digital technology especially in the Arts industry as this sector pulls a lot of tourists and investors bringing about revenue to the government as a whole.

Government needs to equally invest in the Arts industry as it does with the other sectors in the country such as health, education and agriculture. Thomas Merton also once said, that “art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” and it is in this pursuit that one can say, Ghana as a country is losing its itself as the art industry continue to deteriorate.

The local movie industry which is normally termed as “Kumawood” has experienced drastic fall rendering some of the actors and actresses jobless if one has no business outside the acting career.

The art industry is very crucial in developing a country as most of the problems facing the country can be solved with arts. In addition, the arts industry is a sector that can generate revenue for the country if managed well and it is in the light of this, that Artistes, Government and individual stakeholders channel their energy, resources and effort into this industry.

BY: Abena Maserati

wolff newshub-gh@operanewshub.com

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