How to be Emotionally and mentally stronger in your relationship and life as a whole.


1. Believe that you are the most important. Your preferences and needs are the most important, put your own needs first and dare to express your needs in a straightforward manner.

2. Follow the true thoughts and feelings of your heart. Don't care too much about others' judgement, don't base your own happiness on what others say about you, and lower your expectations of others.

3. Develop critical thinking. Do not blindly follow the trend, do not cater to others, dare to question, have your own judgment and choice.

4. Don't worry about making mistakes. Do things with a preconceived idea of the worst possible outcome, the best preparation. Face life's achievements and difficulties with grace.

5. Accept yourself and all your emotions. There is no perfect person in the world, do not make things difficult for yourself, do not be too hard on yourself, and know how to embrace yourself once in a while.

6. Learn to give up. Don't always be afraid of sunk costs and aversion to loss, and don't dwell on the past. Proper disconnection and renunciation will make it easier for you to face the future.

7. Proactively embrace change. Enhance your ability to resist risk and change, so that you have the ability to deal with the various uncertainties in life.

8. Keep learning. Absorb knowledge without interruption, be imaginative, always be curious, and match your actions accordingly. Do not run away and be afraid when facing new things, but keep creating and pursuing excellence.

9. Set goals and work towards them. Have your own direction and work hard to achieve your goals.

10. Respect others. Everyone has his or her own specialness and differences, and we cannot deny the value of others. Only when we respect others will we gain respect from them.


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